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Travelling to the Accursed Mountains, the Komani ferry trip and arriving in Valbone - Saturday 12th September

Travelling to the Accursed Mountains, the Komani ferry trip and arriving in Valbone

12th September Saturday

Travel from Shkodra to Valbona

approx. 8am start from Shkodra on a  mini bus, organised by the Hotel Tradita to the Komani Lake and boat trip.

2:15 hours driving from Shkodra to the Komani lake, we pass by some interesting villages on the way, and a local butchers.

some parts on the road are quite narrow and more potholes than road! A bit of a wild , steep drive, glad we had a careful driver!

Patrick lent a helping hand to some locals heaving their boat into the water.

Then we all embarked on the boat, "Annika" for a 3 hour trip along the lake to the mountains

there's a Madonna in the cave near the departure point. The locals all bless themselves as they depart.
We were all offered a cup of Raki just after we left the wharf ! Very warming.
There's some amazingly remote farms and settlements along the lake, no roads here, only boat access.
We chatted with a few of the passengers on the way, these couples from the UK and Holland were inspiring! Still adventuring every year into their 70s and 80s
the Komani lake is man made to create hydro electricity, the boat ride is a beautiful experience, the water is so clear, we can see fish darting away from the boat 

and as we continue further into the mountains the cliffs narrow... Sometimes it looks as though there's no way through!
Finally we disembark and arrive at Fierze and get into waiting cars / vans. 

And drive to Valbona, stopping on the way at Bajram Curri to get some supplies, it's a surprisingly substantial town, some of the other travellers went to the ATM to withdraw cash, there's no way to get cash if the mountains! No supermarkets or ATMs up in Valbona or Theth!
The guesthouse at Rilindja is lovely!
It has its own trout farm, so of course I have fresh trout for dinner, so delicious!
We head off for a little walk to stretch our legs after our long journey, it's beautiful! Lovely beech forests, clear water, and friendly cows.
The mountain peaks are awe inspiring!
Mmm trout and grilled Veges with yoghurt sauce for dinner, all cooked over the coals on their fire! A winner... Good night 😊

15€ each for the trip by car, boat, and car from Shkodra to Valbone! Left at 8 am and arrived at Valbona and our accommodation at Rilindja at 3:30 pm! 15€ each for the trip (car - boat- car: 8 am depart  - 4pm arrive) from our Hotel Tradita in Shkodra  to Rilindja in Valbona.

Catherine Bohne, Rilindja  Guesthouse 30 € per Room (2 persons w/breakfast) or camping 2 

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