Friday 2 October 2015

Berzeshtal to Lin day eight 1/10/15

Berzeshtal to Lin

1st October Thursday 

day eight Via Egnatia 
19.5 km

We will detour slightly off the VE to stay at the village of Lin on Lake Ohrid tonight.
Left the lovely Kocali family about 8:30 after a very substantial breakfast! Eggs, sausage, bread, jam,yoghurt, coffee...

Came across the market at Berzeshte a few minutes after starting out, not sure if it's on every day, or if we were just lucky that we were walking through on Thursday morning!

You could buy any sort of livestock, cows, goats, sheep - 
household supplies and food.... A happening scene this morning!
 I buy a couple of apples, and when ask "how much"? I thought he said 10, I give him10 but that's not right, so I make the mistake of holding some coins out in my hand, quick as a flash, the stall holder plucks out a one euro coin! Oh well, I've got to say they were the most delicious apples! But I won't do that again! It's the first time I feel I've been taken advantage of throuout my time in Albania, and it was my own silly fault...

We head up the hill through the markets for a pleasant walk up through meadows towards Prrenjas.
Lovely walking again this morning
Walking through "rural suburbia"  near Perrenjas

Some buildings were partially constructed from mud brick in this area near Perrenjas.

12:45 , just after the path turns onto the main road, we stop off at a Lavazh and bar for a break and a cafe. the toilets are clean too!

Up the road for a while, past more Lavazh! (Car washes) 
Then over the railway bridge, I can't help,but feel,like I'm going to,get into trouble... I keep looking around furtively ready to make a dash for it!

Then it's up, up, up... The goat highway I'll call,it! Thousands of goats must have come this way over summer, and there's barely a blade of grass left.

It's satisfying and amazing to look back over where we've walked today, it looks such a long way from up here!
There's a handy spring to top up our water on the way up to the pass.
Meadows close to the Qukes - pass
Massive visually polluting advertising signs!
And our first glimpse of Lake Ohrid 

Beautiful walk down the pass, down the valley to Lin

Had a slightly scary encounter with some sheep guard dogs, at the ready to brandish out walking poles ( another good use of them) luckily the shepherd intervened and called the, away.
Beautiful walk down the valley to the Lake.
Lin is very picturesque!  

Staying at Rosas's B&B We walk along the lake, then continue straight ahead through the village, Rosa's B&B is opposite the church. Rosa is so welcoming! 
Grapes and Raki as a welcome, and we'll have dinner here too!

Lovely patio and aspect right on the lake, can't believe we witnessed a neighbour throwing rubbish into the lake though!
Look at these grapes!

Our room is clean, comfy and charming.
Dinner, local fish from the lake, salad from the garden, yoghurt sauce, local red wine... Two very satisfied walkers!


Lin Village 
Patrick phoned and booked the room at Rosas B&B while we had a break in a bar next to a lavazh (car wash) 
Rosa’s B&B (+355 69 45 04577, English spoken) is €25 a night with breakfast and use of the boat.

Rosa is delightful! Lovely and friendly and welcoming! had a Raki and grapes in the afternoon sunshine on the beautiful grape covered patio by the lake on arrival! Zgure!

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