Thursday 8 October 2015

Resen to Dihovo - the weather changes our plans day fourteen 7/10/15

Resen to Dihovo 

7th October Wednesday

day fourteen Via Egnatia 
We walked about 5 km before the rain became heavier, and the muddy tracks too wet and slippery!

We have breakfast at the Royal L hotel, call Erol our taxi driver ready to,head off - we need to stop off at the supermarket for some more supplies first. We may be camping again tonight!
Our plans change! As did the weather!
We've been so lucky with beautiful weather so far on this walk, I've only needed my Teletubbies poncho once for a couple of hours on the first day of our walk during an afternoon storm. But it's overcast and drizzling this morning, the weather forecast shows showers for the next couple of days.
Had breaky at the hotel of omelet, spicy red pepper mixture, bread and coffee.
Passports returned! Yeah!
dinner, bed and breakfast 2435 den 
Phoned for our Taxi driver, Erol and ready to go at 9am
Got dropped off near the start of the walk from Resen, a gentle drizzle is falling 
On with the Teletubbie poncho
Many mud brickhouses in Sopotsko, half of them seem empty.
Lots of buildings have seen better days.

We get some supplies from the small shop in Sopotsko opposite an empty derelict komune building.

Just after we leave Sopotsko and head along the Apple orchards the rain gets heavier, and the track becomes a muddy quagmire...
Local wildlife - a newt I think? Enjoying the wet weather, we saw a few of these out and about in the rain. The rain and mud increase... 

There's no accommodation in our destination on Capari tonight, we had planned on camping... We use the reprieve from the rain under a motorway tunnel to reassess our situation... No way am I putting up the tent in this mud and rain! I've booked Villa Dihovo for Thursday night, we phone Pece at Villa Dihovo to see if we can come tonight! Yes, there's a vacancy, and he'll send a taxi to get us from the motorway! Fabulous, he's so Helpful!
We climb up the embankment onto the motorway road to Bitola, and wait for a taxi.
After 15 minutes a car pulls over and the driver calls "Patrick " it's Pece from Villa Dihovo come to pick us up! Saved... 
What a difference 20 minutes can make, Villa Dihovo is delightful! We have our own room with ensuite and a sitting room with toasty fire!

After a delicious hot shower, warm and dry clothes on, the rain eases enough for us to have a little explore of the charming village of Dihovo. The village is full of lovely stone cottages, sadly half of them aren't lived in!
We met Mick, a local who had lived and worked in Australia - Sydney for fifteen years, he's now retired and farms  six Fresian milking cows. He explains that half the village either lives and works overseas, or lives in the city - Bitola (about 8 km away) 

Pece and villa Dihovo Wine cellar
Delicious dinner of local foods, salad from the garden, stuffed vine leaves and Pece's wine!


Villa Dihovo 
v.Dihovo - Pece Cvetkovski

phone: +389 47 293040
mobile: +389 70 544744

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