Monday 14 September 2015

Valbone 13th September Sunday A day of exploring and hiking!


13th September Sunday

A day of exploring and hiking!
After a delicious and filling breakfast of espresso, local jams breads, white cheese... Patrick had pancakes and I had an omelet breakfast ...We decided to walk up to a local "Stan" (a temporary or summer house, pasture) 

Reading the information at the guest house to prepare ourselves for our walk  - there is some information on what to do if we meet a bear...

Talk loudly, supposedly they don't like people or loud noises and will go away. If the don't go away, DO NOT RUN apparently, lie face down on the ground with your hands over your neck...

Other potentially dangerous wildlife are the horned viper (check rocks before sitting, or putting your hands on them) wolves, and an elusive wild cat..

we left Rilindja at about 9 am
The walk was little over 16 km from about 850m elevation to 1700m at the Stan -( up 888m) to  Ram Avdylit. 
Passed an artist painting the clear water and a cottage on the way up in the morning

The countryside and little farms are so scenic... But it looks like a hard life.
The path was pretty well way marked with red and white paint.

Passing some local traffic on the way up.
Beautiful blobs and meadow flowers, looks like a crocus...

We arrived at the Stan about 1pm and met the elderly lady living there with her 6 cows in the highland meadows. 

Beautiful vistas all the way up and down.

Arrived back at Rilindja at about 4 pm... I was a bit weary, and enjoyed a hot shower! 
The trout was so good last night, I ate another one!


Rilindja again 

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