Wednesday 16 September 2015

Leaving the Accursed Mountains And Theth 15th September

Leaving the Accursed Mountains and Theth

Tuesday 15th September

A lovely breakfast of bread, local preserves and honey! There are some large, very persistent bees keen to share our breakfast too!
The Theth church ahead, unfortunately we didn't have enough time to visit it.

Walking towards the Kulla, lock up tower. Traditional way of life -  and modern mobile phone technology side by side!
Theth Kulla
When men were embroiled in a feud, they'd be locked up the top of the tower, pull up the ladders and stay there until a solution was negotiated by their families.

Patrick contemplating the error of his ways in the naughty corner... 
We continued along the path towards the Grunas waterfall, mostly well marked with red and white painted way marks.
The path is very pretty, some of it wanders alongside irrigation channels
After about 25 minutes walk from the Kulla, we found Grunas waterfall, it's gorgeous!
A photo from the opposite side of the falls

Crystal clear water at the base of the falls.
Delicate flowers growing beside the irrigation channels, the water is incredibly clear!

Happy pigs
The river

I would have loved to keep on walking and exploring, but we had to head back to the guesthouse to catch the 4wd bus back to Shkoder by 1 pm.
What a journey up to the top of the Pass back to Shkoder, all gravel, very steep and narrow! There was a group of off road bikes coming down, one of them nearly ran into us!
Somehow we squeezed pass this car.
It's a long way down, and we're always very close to the edge! Somehow Patrick managed to read his book, I was mesmerised by the vistas and kept one eye on the road!

We stopped for a break at the top of the pass, thankfully our driver is excellent, and cautious.
Photo opportunity at the top of the pass.
Shortly after we start to descent towards Shkodra, the road is new and very smooth!
Still very steep, mostly one lane and winding corners.
We arrive back into Shkoder and the hotel Tradita- Our trusty bus and driver!

Hotel Tradita again! We love it!
And, lucky us, we were upgraded to the suite! Amazing original ceiling timber panelling, fireplace and traditional furnishings!
A very quirky fireplace!

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