Monday 28 September 2015

Elbasan day four 27/9/15


27th September, Sunday 

day four Via Egnatia 

We've booked two nights in Elbasan to allow us a little rest, and time to explore.
We spend the day in Elbasan exploring the castle, relaxing and catching up on writing.
Beautiful surroundings in Real Scampis Hotel! 

There are gardens  and artefacts everywhere.

We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast of omelet, coffee etc.. 
Sunday is wedding day in Elbasan! There are processions, music, tooting of horns, even letting off firecrackers in the middle of the day!

We wandered around the castle area. Walked down the Rruga Egnatia, which goes through the centre of the castle.

Went on the hunt in the streets outside the castle for some socks for Patrick, and some inner soles for me, my left instep bones are quite sore... Think it's the total weight of the full pack, plus day pack and water must be about 15 kg... A couple of kilos too much! And I'm feeling a little old and worn out at the end of the day :(

Walked along the rough cobble streets and alleys and found the King's Mosque founded in 1492, the oldest mosque in Elbasan. I didn't have a head scarf with me, so we didn't go in.

Then we found the Orthodox church of St Mary within the castle walls. 
The priest (Father Nicolin) gave me a tour  in Italian after I paid the equivalent of 2 euro donation-, I understood about half of what he said... The church is very beautiful, lots of artwork, the frescos were painted over in the communist era.

Wandering through the castle  streets

We called into a bakery along the Rruga Egnatia, Patrick bought some sweet goodies, I got a byreck. There were lovely photos of children with disabilities doing activities around the walls, the owner explained she's a teacher of students who have Down syndrome. this is the first time I've seen any reference to people who have a disability so far in Albania.

Lunch at Real Scampis
Sallat shef - chef salad 600 leke
Qofte Te zgares- grilled Qofte 500 leke
Bruskete me ton - bruschetta with tomato 200 leke
Supe zarzavate- Vegetable soup - 300 leke
Very generous serves! I'm ready for a siesta now...

I spend the afternoon writing and organising photos. Then we venture out along the boulevard for an evening stroll, along with most of Elbasan! There are so many people out and about, the coffee shops are full!
We had dinner at Lio, local food place just outside the castle walls, good street food and pizza.
These guys put on a bit of a show !
All sorts of bakery goodies! Very tempting, so I get a couple for the walk tomorrow. 
The hotel has done our washing and returned it all this evening, how good is that!
 "Good night" need to rest ready for the 21km walk tomorrow to Mirake.


Real Scampis, in the castle  45 Euro per night  incl breakfast 
Blv:Q.Stafa, Lagja Kala, Elbasan, Albania 

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