Saturday 10 October 2015

Edessa Sunday day eighteen 11th October

Sunday 11th October day eighteen Via Egnatia

It rained heavily last night, it's forecast for some more rain today, but it looks as though it's clearing. We'll make the most of the sunshine to explore Edessa today... 
I'm so glad we stayed another night in Edessa tonight to keep dry and warm!
The staff at Hagiati have organised for our washing to be done last night and this morning we receive our bundle of clean clothes! What luxury!
What a view this morning! Edessa is situated at the top of cliffs, yesterday all we could see was white fog!
The waterfalls are a bit dirty from the heavy rain last night, they're thundering down!
The sun is out! We head down the cobblestone path (near our hotel) down to the ancient Edessa city site

The path ends at the back gate of the archeology site, and it's open, so we walk in. We're the only people here this morning! 

So enjoyable to wander around on our own, enjoying the peace and quiet and soaking in the  atmosphere.. Ancient Edessa became a complex walled city, important for trade on the Via Egnatia between 4th and 6th cent BC
We can see the brown coloured waterfalls of Edessa behind the columns
Strolling back up to Edessa, we meet some friendly goats walking along the path.
Back up the cobbled path, not always the easiest surface to walk along, but at least it's not muddy!
Love this cat! Found the highes possible point on the roof!
We walked up to the other end of Edessa to find the old Ottoman bridge. The rivers are all over full, and muddy! There were concerns about flooding if the rain didn't stop.
This dog has found the perfect spot to keep warm and dry, and she was guarding it well!
We join the locals and have a lovely long Sunday lunch!
Good night , Hotel Hagiati!

It's forecast to be sunny for the next two days, so we'll be off walking the VE again tomorrow morning!
Good night


Our second night in Hagiati! Lovely hotel, great location, helpful host Gregory and family, fabulous breakfast!
Hagiati traditional Hotel, Edessa
Near old quarter and waterfalls per night approx $86 AUD (60€ B&B) 
Makedonomahon 40, Edessa

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