Wednesday 14 October 2015

Giannitsa to Pella then on to Chalkidona day twenty 13/10/15

Grannitsa to Pella then on to Chalkidona

13th October Tuesday

day twenty Via Egnatia 
12 km   To Pella then another 8 km to Chalkidona (not the path in the VE guidebook) hotel available in Chalkidona
20 km walking today

Mud, mud, mud... Walking through cotton fields, outside of Giannitsa still saturated after the rains three days ago!
I carried an extra kilo on each shoe!

We arrive at the village of Mesiano at 10:30 no espresso available at the little bar, so we have a frappe ...I think we may have doubled the morning sales!

As we continue through the village, we hear footsteps running behind us and turn around, a lovely guy has chased after us down the road, he saw us from the window of the house he was working on, they never have tourists in this village, and he was worried we were lost! He gave us some good tips for things to see by walking along a slightly different track to Pella - we'll come across Roman baths and ruins...

An archeological site, Roman baths along the path our friend suggested.
We check it out...

Pella birthplace of Alexander the Great, a huge archeological site!

This dainty, iridescent tiny blue butterfly was fluttering around...
The water fountain in Pella village

We spent an hour or so wandering around the Pella Museum, amazing artefacts and information on display from the Pella site, and nearby necropolis. 
We walk onwards to Chalkidona, through more cotton fields, thankfully not as muddy here as this mornings walk!

A huge empty swimming pool,complex in the middle of nowhere!
We arrive at Chalkidona and the hotel at about 5:45 
It's on the busy main road, plenty of cheap and cheerful eating options here.
Tomorrow, bus to Thessaloniki!


Hotel Halkidona - 40€ B&B  on the main road 

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